Our expertise


Factory evaluation

Globalization and diversification of suppliers makes our customers seek certification and assurance throughout the production process. From BTI we help them in this initial work to ensure that the products will comply with the regulations in the market where the products are marketed.

We do all the research work to validate and confirm that the supplier has the capacity and means required to manufacture the product you want to import.

Our team of inspectors makes factory visits and evaluates production procedures at a technical level to ensure that the supplier can meet the required standards.

Approval and audits

To confirm and certify that the production companies at origin comply with all structural, environmental and human rights regulations, our inspectors are in charge of verifying, according to social and environmental responsibility criteria, the factories from which we wish to import.

We must ensure the positive impact on the entire production process.

We review and check the validity of factory audits SMETA, BSCI and others with our teams of inspectors in the field.

Quality controls

Development of Product Safety Review (PSR) with standards compliance for the different international export markets.

Collaboration with the main international laboratories Intertek, SGS, UL, STQ for product testing.

Definition of ad hoc quality procedures for customers and according to AQL levels set for each product.

Production management

Inspections and production control of raw materials, DUPRO inspections (during production process) and FRI (end of production inspections).

Inspection at all stages of the production process by means of inspection lists adapted to the customer’s needs. Evaluation of Critical Points and issuance of reports.

Military Standard 105E product quality controls.

Shipping management

Advice in the process of international transport of goods. Experience in sea, air and land transportation.

Management of documentation procedures and customs management of technological products, textiles, household goods, cosmetics and sanitary products, among others.

Reduction of import costs. Direct importing allows achieving a significant cost reduction with the use of global resources.

Pre-shipment cargo inspections.