About us.


We offer customers our experience of more than 35 years in importing from Asia to ensure quality throughout the supply chain.

A wide experience in quality control of products from textile, electronics, home and household goods, gadgets, etc. allows us to support our customers in comprehensive import solutions.

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Global solutions for global customers.

And Why BTI?

We specialize in quality control management for customers, offering a reliable and efficient service, supported by our own team strategically located in Asia.

Our offices are located in Xiamen, Shenzhen, Ningbo and Hong Kong, allowing us to be close to the production centers and guaranteeing a thorough supervision of our customers’ production processes.

At BTI, we understand the importance of quality assurance at every stage of production. That is why we have developed a highly trained and dedicated team to perform rigorous inspections and tests, ensuring that products meet the most demanding international standards throughout the export and import process.

We are committed to providing tailor-made solutions to meet each customer’s specific needs.

We work closely with them to understand their requirements and tailor our quality control services to their needs. From raw material verification, finished product inspection to supplier evaluation, our expert team will ensure excellence in every detail.